Strategic Advisory & Project Management

Scale-up Strategy

Creating a runway for success in start-ups 

  • Breaking the big business idea into meaningful strategic “stints”
  • Agile set-up solving problems on the way to long-term success
  • Governance and structure fit for size

This service leverages strategy work done as advisor and Boardlevel engagement in start-up´s in Norway. Also provides access to a powerful network of successful entrepreneurs and investors.

Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy for business impact in asset heavy complex value chains.


    • “Making sense of digital”: what does success look like
    • How to successfully orchestrate digital transformation
    • How to deliver better performance and win the disruption in your space

This service offering leverages the brilliant academic research done by Prof. Michael Wade and his team at the Digital Business Transformation Center at IMD in Lausanne.

Energy Transition

Energy transition – how to adapt to a low carbon future.


    • “Making sense of ESG and horizon risks”: what needs to be on your radar
    • How to leverage the opportunities (new business models & Technology)
    • How to reinvent sustainable asset heavy complex value chains

This service offering leverages strategy work done at Board and Executive level in large industrial companies and policy work for government and organizations in Norway.

Safety Culture

Safety Culture – how to prevent human injury and any harm to the environment.


    • Safety as a value in your company
    • Why leadership is fundamental for safety performance
    • How to grow and maintain a strong safety culture in your organization

This service offering leverages the operational experience from stakeholders the oil & gas industry.

Strategic Advisory (SA) Service can be performed as a lump sum or reimbursable assignment with fixed hourly rates and variable expenses.

Project Management (PM) Service can be performed as reimbursable assignment with fixed rates and variable expenses.

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