Partner for Transitioning to Business Leadership

4ADA is supporting IMD´s program for Executive development by providing content and contributing to deliver the TBL program headed up by Prof. Michael Watkins.

IMD can offer the following in their TBL course:

    Partner for Leadership development

    4ADA has partnered with Searching for Leadership to deliver high quality services for developing individuals and organizations.

    This expands 4ADA’s offerings within leadership development with the following offerings:

    • Assessment and tailored development of individuals and/or organizations
    • Coaching and mentoring for human development
    • Development programs for teams and leaders, building learning organizations

    Partner for Orchestrating Transformation

     4ADA is leveraging IMD’s Center for Digital Business Transformation, headed by Prof. Michael Wade, for larger transformation assignments.

    IMD can offer the following services:

    • Explore and challenge ideas that shape tomorrow’s digital landscape
    • Innovate value frameworks from practitioner and data-driven insights
    • Build mindsets, tools and resources to navigate organizational transformation journeys
    • Catalyze businesses and their leaders to successfully compete in a digital world
    • Sustain impact through ongoing engagement with practitioner, academic and societal leaders