About 4ADA

4ADA was started to leverage the 30 years’ experience of Ann-Christin Andersen, an experienced executive and board member – and tap into her extensive leadership network in business, government and academia.

4ADA has developed partnerships with a few key individuals and organizations to ensure that all relevant assignments can be delivered with quality and responsiveness todays executives expect and deserve.

“KONGSBERG is a Technology company with a global operation in more than 40 countries. We depend on a workforce who is customer focused, agile, innovative and set high ambitions. Training and development of our diversified teams and leaders is key to our success.

We were very pleased to have Ann Christin Andersen as a key note speaker at our 2019 Female Forum. She shared leadership knowledge and personal experiences with 130 international female leaders with passion and confidence. Her key messages inspired and challenged the audience in a direct and open style contributing to a successful leadership summit for KONGSBERG.”

Wenche H. Andersen
Executive Konsberg Maritime
Managing Director China

“Ann-Christin Andersen is a rarity in the executive ranks in that she can navigate seamlessly between two very different worlds. While she is extremely comfortable in the traditional world of managing large-scale business operations, she is equally adept at navigating the emerging world of digital disruption and transformation.  As traditional businesses start to embrace the need to transform in the face of new opportunities and threats, they would be well advised to seek her counsel. Ann-Christin not only understands the challenges that digital and other forms of disruption throw up, she has lived through them and thus knows how to effectively deal with them.”

Professor Michael Wade
Digital Business Transformation IMD Switzerland
Author of key literature for digital strategy : “Digital Vortex” and “Orchestrating Transformation “